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Welcome to Vidor Independent School District Community Education, the largest lifelong learning program in Southeast Texas.  We have what you're looking for!

Here you will find a wealth of courses to help you get fit, keep your brain sharp, gain a new skill, or just learn something fun.  You will notice that we offer online courses that you may take in your own home, and we have a wealth of classes in various locations so that you may meet new folks and participate in a 'hands-on' experience.  

Residence in Vidor is NOT a requirement to take these classes!  We have folks come from all over... so join us for 'learning for a lifetime!'

Please click "SIGN IN" to the left, go to "NEW STUDENTS," and create a student profile, so that you may begin learning with us.  If you are already registered, simply click "COURSES" to see what we have to offer.

We are a secure site and will not share your information with others.